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Thank you for visiting our page. The Indian Association of Health, Research and Welfare is deeply grateful to you for joining us in our efforts to spread psychology to the masses. The journey was started five years ago by the efforts of three people namely, Dr. Sunil Saini, and Ms. Sugandh Gupta has gained the momentum that it is now a vibrant social community connecting us all.

Indian Association of Health, Research and Welfare (IAHRW) was conceived over great deliberations and discussions amongst three individuals. We were all individually engaged with the field of Psychology yet we felt a deep unrest in the outreach of Psychology to the masses. In our efforts to make the academia more public friendly, we decided to plunge into the fraternity with our ideas. (www.iahrw.com).

Our journey has not been a simple one. We have faced several hardships. Our idea was revolutionary. It had been applied in various fields but Psychology as a discipline is still growing in India, and hence, it was quite an arduous task to spread a word about us. I remember that we would attend conferences just like these to talk about our work, to meet like-minded people, to showcase our publications. And only through that constant and untiring effort, we have made it today here, where we are witnessing participation not only from our country but also globally today. IAHRW thanks, all of you once again for believing in yourself, believing in us and joining us today to welcome the future for great minds!

The journey of IAHRW began with the genesis of PsyInsight- a psychology magazine started with the intent to enable people from varied living spaces to share their insights and anecdotes on daily living and connect their experiences to profound psychological constructs. Since our aim is to enable Psychology to be simple and relatable, our magazine was a great impetus for us. The magazine ran successfully for nearly two years, releasing a brand new issue every month. The theme of our first issue was Positive Psychology and thanks to Dr. Judy Krings; we were able to feature an interview with Dr. Seligman, the Father of Positive Psychology. With this start, we knew our reach would have no bounds.

Since then we have galloped, across spaces regarding the themes we have focused upon, ranging from positive strengths to issues like child abuse, violence, gender sensitization. Even our publications have diversified, and we have been fortunate to have partnered with several psychologists both offshore and in India. Rather, most of them have become part of the IAHRW family and regularly contribute and share their diverse experience. We thank them too for trusting and supporting us and continuing to be with us.

With the advent of PsyInsight, we started to grow and branched out by introducing two Journals, namely Indian Journal of Health & Well-Being (IJHW) and Indian Journal of Positive Psychology (IJPP). Both the journals have become a pioneer in the field of psychological research and receive a regular contribution from scholars. Our review committee sedulously works to feature the best studies in the field of psychology and through our website and other media networks we promote and invite contribution. Our journals are indexed in world's renowned databases such Ebsco, J-Gate, Cabell's Directory and are in processing with ProQuest and others.

All of this required great efforts, tremendous patience and perseverance. With all these efforts, we see ourselves as brand ambassadors of creating a platform for student’s to interact, learn and co-create knowledge that is meaningful and expansive.

Thus, these are our continued attempts, and we strive to reach greater heights. We thank you all once again for associating with us in our journey and being patient while we also learnt and performed.

Warm Regards
Dr. Sunil Saini
Ms. Sugandh Gupta
Founders: Indian Association of Health, Research and Well-Being

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