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3nd International Conference on Psychology & Allied Sciences


2nd International Conference on Psychology & Allied Sciences

The Centre for Behavioral Research and Intervention, Jambheshwar University of Science & the Technology and the Indian Association of Health, Research and Welfare, collaborated to run the Second International Conference on Psychology & the Allied Sciences.

The theme of the conference was “Psychology in Everyday Life”. The conference brought together researchers, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, practitioners, and teaching faculties from various social science departments and research scholars, who were interested in psychological principles and their applicability in various fields. Researchers were invited to present upon Health Risk Behaviors, Violence against Women, Stress Management, Youth Outreach, Mental Health and Student Stress.

Over 250 papers were presented, on topics such as the “Impact of the Level of Parental Education on Adolescent Adjustment,” and “The Self Efficacy and Proactive Development of Persons with Diabetes.” The audience included more than 300 people from different countries. Some of the papers were entirely online, while others were also presented to a live audience

The best speakers and presenters read their crowd. They respond to the audience’s body language and make eye contact while they are sharing information. Online presenters require a new set of tools. An online platform must make it easy for the crowd to be heard and provide multiple mechanisms to provide feedback. The WizIQ's solution for Online Academic Conference has many resources available to enable this interaction, all of which the presenter can turn on or off as it is appropriate.

1st International Conference on Psychology & Allied Sciences

The Indian Association of Health Research and Welfare organized 1st International Online Conference on Psychology and Allied Sciences (IOCPAS-2011) during November 25-26, 2011. The conference was organized jointly by IAHRW and CBRI (Centre for Behavioral Research and Intervention), GJUS&T, Hisar, Haryana. The conference was sponsored by GJUS&T, Hisar, Haryana. Dr M.L. Ranga, Vice-Chancellor, GJUS&T, Hisar was the chief guest of 1st ICPAS. There were around 350 participants in the conference who presented their paper online, and the scientific sessions were chaired by distinguished professors of psychology and management from Haryana, Delhi, and Punjab at the conference venue. The main objective of the conference is to bring together researcher, psychologists, Psychiatrists, counselor, practitioner, teaching faculties from other social sciences to discuss their current researches.

IAHRW started its activities with the publication of Indian Journal of Health and Wellbeing, Indian Journal of Positive Psychology and a theme based magazine PsyInsight. This year IAHRW is coming with 5 more journals in the area of psychology and allied sciences.

The Conference organizers invited the online and physical audience with introductions and a renowned psychologist gave a keynote address. The address was given simultaneously to the live and virtual audiences. Drawing in busy and successful scholars is a challenge whenever you want to gather people to share their work. It is more difficult to draw in experts in the field when they have to travel in order to offer a keynote speech or presentation. Yet, these are the people whose work is the most interesting and who will draw the biggest audience. With an online conference, it is easy for many people to present, from anywhere in the world.







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